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Technologies Used in a Car Air Purifier

Poor air quality and pollution in cars is a severe problem in the world today. Every one using vehicles whether private or public is on the verge of being affected by pollution. It is advisable that every owner should have a car air purifier to improve the quality of air inside the vehicles.

The conventional sources of pollution you may encounter include Odors, Cigarette smoke, particle matter like dust, mold, pollen, and bacteria, Carbon Monoxide and exhausts fumes from other cars, Pet Dander, Carbon dioxide just to mention a few. A car air purifier is excellent because it avoids concentrations of pollutants. Besides, it is also helpful for asthmatic or allergic victims and gets rid of secondhand smoke.

The commonly used technologies in a car air purifier include HEPA filter, which is the best technology to remove airborne particulates and it does so safely. Another technique used is Negative ion generator – also referred to as a car air ionizer, which works by emitting negative charges into the air. Air fresheners works by masking odors in a car by introducing gases in the vehicle. Ozone Generator works by creating ozone in the air, which helps in odor removal. Activated Carbon Filter helps in smoke removal and other car fumes that can affect one’s health and breathing.