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Choosing an Air Purifying Salt Lamp

Many of us are aware of the healing properties of an air purifying salt lamp. We all know it’s delicious but, why would we want to put sea salt in a diffuser or a salt lamp? Can a salt lamp really help? It can and the options available to you are wide. When the soft glow and hue of a bulb meets the Himalayan salt, it releases the healing properties of the salt, releasing it into the air for you to absorb and benefit from. Himalayan salt Lamps are not only wonderful devices to deliver that special Himalayan sea Salt, but also they can be chosen to fit nearly any household design or scheme. There are salt lamps that feature LED bulbs and have neon and only generate about 5 watts of power while delivering that aroma they’re known for. There are also ones that are USB powered that rely on motion for the lights to work. Can you imagine lying and relaxing and being wrapped up in the soothing and healing aroma of Himalayan salt. Then the different colors watch over you. After a time, the light stops because it thinks you may have fallen asleep. You haven’t fallen asleep, you’ve just drifted off to a oasis of healing energy and aromas that soothe and warm you.

Himalayan salt lamps help keep the breathing system operating properly and to soothe the throat. The pinkish hue is also a calming presence in any home. Remember too that there are enough variations in price and design that you can find a lamp that fits your needs and your overall appearance of your home. These lamps make wonderful centerpieces in your home and will attract lots of conversation and wonder. Some of these lamps come in bases made of wood or plastic and some are even made of stainless steel, while others feature hand-carved salt crystals that will light up the curiosity of any that pass by.

If you’re wanting to be mobile and move around your house, or even some other location, you can purchase a Himalayan salt lamp that you can take with you. Imagine being able to move into the living room with the kids or loved one and having that lovely aroma spreading through the room. Imagine working on your patio with your laptop by simply plugging your lamp into the USB port. The modern convenience of using your computer with the ancient healing power of Himalayan salt.